• Growth Spurt (teen comedy, 98 pgs.)

A high school loser never made it with the ladies until a secret formula enlarges his…you know. Who knew that the secret to poise and popularity really was just below the waistline? Alienating his one friend, he tries to impress an atypical cheerleader. Lessons are learned as hilarity ensues.
Second Rounder (top 10%) Austin Film Festival 2009

  • Back in the Day (teen drama, 93 pgs.)

Diedi, a stubborn teen, hates her mother. Denied permission to attend a concert, she pawns an heirloom watch receiving a strange necklace. She awakes the next day transported in time to 1972 and into her mother’s life! Before she discovers how to return, she learns a few of her mother’s secrets that repair their rift.
Runner-Up Scriptshark 2007 Insider Screenplay Competition
Fade-In Magazine 2007 Fade-In Awards

  • Les Paul.com (drama, 107 pgs.)

In 1996, Silicon Valley was a crazy place - ambitions and investors ran amok. "Les Paul.com" is a heartfelt and comic story about a computer programmer who dreams of rock’n’roll stardom, but isn't one to take risks. With a group of tripped-out nerds, he finds the courage to pursue his dreams. Sometimes you leap first and the net will appear.
Quarter-Finalist Fade-In Magazine 2006 Fade-In Awards
Moondance Film Festival 2006 Feature Screenplay

  • Lovermont (romantic-comedy, 113 pgs.)

Lovermont is a romantic comedy about a young man who desires to “just feel good about waking up everyday.” Landing a job teaching snowboarding in Vermont, his expectations of the non-stop party are challenged when he falls for a spit-fire, local girl. The snowstory is set in Ski Town, Vermont.

  • Ugly Betty: "Hats Off to Betty!" (1 hr drama, teleplay spec, 61 pgs.)

It’s nesting season at Mode as Betty tries to find her own place in the City while Wilhelmina moves closer to joining the Meade family. Even Mark has found love, but making a home is more than finding a place to hang your hat!
Second Round (top 10%) Austin Film Festival 2008 Teleplay Competition

  • Entourage: "The Next Level" (comedy, teleplay spec, 41 pgs.)

While Ari dodges his wife over a tabloid photo, and Turtle discovers his own fansite, Eric skips an award show where Vince is nominated to attend a wedding with Sloan. Vince gives Eric a hard time until Eric makes it clear he may be stepping up to the next level.
Quarter-Finalist Sciptapalooza 2008 Teleplay Competition


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